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Deckel Training System

Deckel also had software written by a company called "Happy User". This was also a PC based simulation software that provided a control-identical user interface. This was part of the Deckel Training System (DTS). Later products of the Happy User company must have been incorporating 3D simulation features. That may have been the Dia-Prog. Happy User ran under DOS and the company went out of business together with Deckel and the general downturn of the german toolmaking machinery industry. It is currently unclear what exactly was all done by Happy User, what was done by DESCAM, and what was done by other Deckel contractors (rwt,...). Suppliers for Deckel were in fierce competition with each other and things seem to not have gone along smooth or in sequential order. From newspaper articles of the time it is clear that Deckel (and the entire industry) were still trying to come to grips with the whole CADCAM approach. For a while Deckel thought they could do it all themselves. It must have been turbulent times, and it was still some time before it could be established how the work distribution between machine manufacturers and software houses would turn out to be.

"Happy User" also provided simulations for the Dialog 11 and it seems to have been called "Shop Software". This is a manual of this product:

This manual is from 1989 and it is apparent what significant technological jump had been made between the programming station of 1984 and this PC based application.

Happy User Screenshots: