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Weiler LZ220 manual and sales brochure:



Just got this in:

Unfortunately the pages are like very difficult to scan. But I am on it.


Jakobsen SJ12 Surface grinder manual (german). Scan available. If you have an SJ12 or similar, please contact me. I have a question.

Download here: SJ12   (without foldout diagrams)


Manual from a Magdeburg D30 (thanks to the donator Oliver from Germany):

Magdeburg D30

Magdeburg D30

And also from Oliver:

Manual for Boley L4 lathe

Deckel Downloads

This is the brochure introducing the new FP1 to follow the FP. Date probably 1933.

Find scans of the FP1 related pages here: Deckel brochure


Deckel SOE scan


Deckel FP2NC, FP3NC, FP4C with Siemens 3M machine manual (cover and fold-out not included), Edition 10.83:


Sinumerik System 3 with CRT-display Operating Instructions, Edition 4.82


Sinumerik 3M Programming Instructions, edition 10.83 (3 fold-out pages not scanned):


Deckel Dialog Interface Manuals (how to set up your Dialog machine for communication with other equipment):

Dialog 1, 2, 3

Dialog 4


Thanks to the contribution of a site visitor:

Bedienungsanleitung fuer Deckel FP3 von 1968:

Ersatzteilplan fuer Deckel FP3 von 1968:



And now for something completely different:

IDEAL Typ BSS/EBS025 Betriebsanleitung fuer Bandsaegenstumpfschweissmaschine


Bei einer Moessner Bandsaege war diese Faltblatt-Anleitung dabei:

IDEAL BS 0/16 Innenblatt

IDEAL BS 0/16 Aussenblatt