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The first real Deckel NC machines were the FP2NC , FP3NC and FP4NC (and for measure of completeness the FP41 and 42NC).

They first came out in1982 and stand for all the virtues that are associated with the "Deckel" brand, not only in the conventional machine world, but now also the NC world.

That is, they are modular, configurable, universal, precise, highly assessorized, and now with the NC series also brilliantly ergonomic and process oriented.

So, what do these miracles look like?

FP2NC:  Machine code number 2801. The machine below already has the flip head introduced in 1985 (6300 rpm).




FP3NC:  Machine code number 2803.


FP4NC:  Machine code number 2810.

The Deckel FP2NC, FP3NC and FP4NC were and improvement of the FP3A and FP4A machine, mostly by giving them a better control, which was now called the "Dialog"- control. This control was in turn an evolution of the Grundig "CNC 2101"  control. The Dialog controls looked very similar, but were greatly enhanced in capability.

While the control would be modernized almost yearly, the first visible update to the machines would occur in 1985, when the heads were changed to the "flip-head" ("Klappkopf"). This head would tilt backwards instead of tilting sideways. The new head came with a separate gearbox, doublung the speed if so selected. This flip-head was only fitted to the NC series, while in parallel the "A" series of machines was introduced to reduce machine cost.

The next visible update to the NC series occurred in about 1988, when the NC series got a new design for its housings and the control cabinet and also received a new design for the y-axis. The y-axis was changed to incorporate the previously separate gearbox, so that it was now much more massive, featuring box ways. These machines were only available with the Dialog 11 control and also got a new machine numbering code. Additonally the axis servos were replaced with AC servos and the servo amplifiers were no longer from Bosch, but from Kloeckner-Moeller. None of these changes were implemented on the "A" series machines, except for a downspeced version of the Dialog 11 becoming availble here too.

The NC series in its sizes 2, 3, and 4 were sold in increasingly smaller numbers compared to its cheaper bretheren of the "A" series.

For this web-site the author is looking for sales brochures for late style FP NC machines.

The flip head of the last NC series machines:



Other pictures:

They never actually came in blue.