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FP41NC and FP42NC machines were the NC successors to the conventional L-type machines, where the workpiece and table remain stationary and the machine column moves. This allows for very heavy and bulky workpieces. The FP42 has an x-axis range of 1170mm and a y-axis range of 500mm (same as FP4NC), but only an z-axis range of 370mm.

The FP41NC and the earlier FP42NC had the older type head that could be swiveled to an up or down position, but would only do 2500rpm. Later then came the high speed tilt-back head common with the other later type non-"A" machines.

These machines are very solid in the bed area and click in at 3,5 metric tons, but are nevertheless somewhat fragile in some mechanical areas. They have subtle and very expensive differences to the other NC machines. Late FP42NC machines are somewhat rare, especially with Dialog 11 control.

The FP41/42NC was never available with a tool changer, a fact that has sparked the imagination of at least one Deckel hobbyist.

The direct predecessor of the FP41NC is the very rare FP4L (see picture at bottom of page).





For reference here the predecessor to the FP41/42NC, the FP4L (this particular example with what is probably the earlier type operator console):