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FP4M Supermanual

On this page the links are provided for downloading the FP4M "Supermanual".

To the best of my knowledge this is the only really comprehensive manual that Deckel ever made for its customers explaining the mechanical operation and maintenance of a Deckel milling machine.

The content is not only applicable for many features of other conventional Deckel milling machines, but also quite extensively for the Deckel NC machines.

The manual also covers a lot of Deckel assessories.

The manual is in English AND German.

Since the manual uses red color as a highlighter I had to scan it in color mode. The files came out rather large.

FP4M Manual Parts 0 to 3 (23MB)

FP4M Manual Parts 4 and 5 (19MB)

FP4M Manual Part 6 (5MB)

FP4M Manual Part 7 pages 1 to 84 (29MB)

FP4M Manual Part 7 pages 85 to 154 (22MB)

FP4M Manual Parts 8 and 9 (17MB)