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These machines are rather substantial, but their footprint is not that huge. The commonality of the control with the smaller machines makes them supportable. If one can find one in good shape and not worn out from years of production, these machines may be a good choice, particularly because most people are intimitated by them and will not give them a second glance.

It must be noted that the FP5 is the biggest Deckel with SK40 spindle. FP6 and 7 have 50 tapers.

FP5NC was available briefly with Dialog 3, but the electronic handwheel was always standard.

Particularly the FP5 would be available in may iterations, most of them with full encloseure, many with tool changer, some few with pallet changer. In later years with Dialog 11.

The sturdiness of the FP5 with its box ways in combination with its normally present full fixed (!) enclosure made it a cross-over machine into a production environment.

Note that the FP5 utilizes the 6300rpm head like the later FP2/3/4NC machines, but on the FP5 the horizontal spindle also has 6300rpm. The y-ram incorporates the required transmission, which on the smaller machines sits in a separate box on top of the ram. The FP5 therefore has a much more solid and rigid y-axis, and additionally has box ways. The x-axis is fixed and only the table will move on the x-axis. That is why the bellows are in front of the machine. The electrical cabinet tucks away nicely under the rear of the y-axis, which is also covered by sheet metal. Speed ranges are accomplished by a transmission with an added variable speed motor. This way the manual shifting between high and low range, like on the smaller machines with high speed head, is not required on the FP5. The FP5 has almost twice the weight and horsepower of the FP4NC.

The typical Deckel options were available especially for the FP5NC. This includes the special NC rotary table and the special tool maker universal table. Additionally a swarf conveyor was available.


Die hard Deckel NC fans can see more FP5NC pictures here: