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The GNC1 was a numericly controlled engraving machine.
The development initiative supposedly came from a the swiss Deckel importer, who kicked off the development and then was successful in winning over Deckel to market the machine.
The swiss connection is also evident in the swiss "Kurka" control, a company that was fairly new in the control business and had a short legacy in pick&place machines.
When the GNC1 was first shown at a machine fair it may still have held promise, but by the time the machine actually came to market a year later the entire numeric technology had been obsoleted by the advent of the PC.
It is interesting to note that the machine was announced as "new in spring '84", but the first series production GNC1 is labeled as production year 1986.
Supposedly about 35 machines were made.
A 4th axis option was available.

Here machine no. 1:

The machine is currently stored and is to be retrofitted to a different control:

The control is conveniently located in a pull-out drawer (control removed in the picture):

The GNC1 is more solidly build then it may first appear, it is actually quiet a hunk of a machine.

The owner of above machine wanted to discard of the original damaged control since it is not needed for his retrofit project, so I took the unit for safe keeping in case anyone needs parts.If you have a GNC1 and need control parts, drop me a line. Control is located in Germany.

I also received programming manual. To be scanned.

Two more pictures from a machine currently for sale in Holland (note one picture shows a second machine in background).

Here the original input terminal can be seen better. It was removable for off-line programming while the machine worked!