Deckel NC Milling Machine Web Site



The site is being created by an enthusiast, who plays with Deckels as a hobby.

Because it is a hobby, there is no time or interest to fend off most of the emails received.

The typical e-mail received will feature one or more of these elements:

- "please quote me the price of your machines" (excuse me, are you misunderstanding something?)

- "send me the documentation of your collection" (you must be confused)

- "please fix my machine here in Kuala Lumpur with free e-mail advice" (yeah, right, and of course no machine details given and a complete inability to follow instructions)

- "hello, I grete umpf dekkel Dilog prblemo grande, assitente dringente. hassan in PK" (excuse me?)


Also no-one seems to be capable of saying which machine they have, which control, which SW. No-one says who they are or where they are.

Except for two or three people no-one has ever contributed to the site.

I have therefore removed my e-mail references.

Nevertheless site trafic has increase about three-fold of the last 2 years and I will soon expand the site with new material I have collected.