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Older Deckel History

This could be a very long chapter and I hesitate to include it in the english version, but I will in any case include historical pictures here.

Most pictures and data are out of the book "50 Jahre Friedrich Deckel", published for the company anniversary in 1953.








"Deckel" was formed on June 15th, 1903, in Munich at Klenzestrasse 34 (back building) under the name of "Bruns & Deckel".

Bruns dropped out after 2 years, and so it became just "Deckel".

Business objective was it to develop and produce camera shutters, which was a big problem in those days. It was very cutting edge to produce a fast camera shutter that could produce a measurable and adjustable shutting speed. The result was the "Compoud" shutter mechanism. Later came the "Compur" and the "Synchro-Compur". Thes shutters were very complicated precision mechanical devices with many gears, shafts and levers. For production purposes Deckel build in-house production equipment like engravers, which enventually were requested by customers. The same happend for the small cutter grinder and the for in-house uses developed FP stamp milling machine. Eventually a machine tool production line grew out of this, but the camera shutter business remained the core operation. Deckel also developed and produced Diesel injection pumps, but by 1939 the machine tool offering had grown to include the G0 and G1, the G1L and G2, the GK1 and GK2, the KF2, the FP1, the GS (predecessor of the SO), and the S1. After the war the production for shutters, machine tools and injection pumps is running again by 1946. On Juli 10th, 1948, 3 weeks after the "Deutsche Mark" is introduced, Friedrich Deckel dies. In 1952 the deckel FP2 is introduced to the market and in 1953, 50 years after its founding, 3000 people work for the Friedrich deckel company. It was more then halftime for the company, but the foundation for things to come had surely been laid. A company philosophy for quality and design had clearly been established, and would be recognizable throughout the second half of the company history.


The FP (not FP1): This machine was made from approx. 1918 to 1931, when it was replaced by the FP1)








































Above is the predecessor of the SO, a Deckel GS. If you know anything more about this machine please contact me.





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