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The orange Book

The Orange Books


Each Deckel NC machine was delivered with two orange folders containing the electrical information. It is essential to familiarize oneself with this document.
The printing quality of the pages in the folder is very variable. It appears that copies very made continuously and legibility suffered significantly.
Additionally the orange folder did not always contain current information. Some information appears frozen in 1982 and was never updated together with the machines.
It would be nice to collect a decent correct set of circuit board diagrams for the Dialog 4 machine.

For Siemens 3M machines see bottom of page.

Part 1 of the orange book

Part 1 contains all the wiring information of the electrical cabinet, but not the prints of the Bosch cards or PC cards themselves.
There are only minute differences between Dialog 1,2,3 and Dialog 4 for the standard FP2,3,4NC.
One of the differences is the changed emergency shut-off loop and the insertion of page 19a for the NC indexer.

FP2 to 4 NC with Dialog control download here:
FP5NC with Dialog:

Part 2 of the orange book

Part 2 contains all the information on the Bosch amplifier and its cards.
The most apparent difference between the different model years is in the change of the Bosch regulator cards to the "piggy-back" optimization card build. Note that old Bosch card pairs ( 1 regulator and 1 power card) can not be mixed with new Bosch card pairs to form a new pair.

FP2 to 4 NC with Dialog control download here:
FP5NC with Dialog:

Part 3 of the orange book (Part 4 for the FP5NC)

Part 3 of the orange book contains all the information of the PC (programmable controller)  in the electrical cabinet.
There first was the PC I with the 80 series cards, followed by the PC II with the 90 series cards.
This section includes information on what the diodes mean and what they should show, which settings are to be made on the cards, the electrical prints of the circuit boards, and the logic of the functions.

Download here:


FP5NC BBC variable speed motor electronics diagrams

Download here:

Part 4 of the orange book (Part 5 for FP5NC)


Above table is out of the NMP52 print dated Oct. 85 and it does not consider earlier obsolete build configurations (like it does not show NZP55 any more).

Part 4 provides all the information about the control that sits in the control console.
Be aware that the layout table on page 3-3 is false for many Dialog 4 machines. For some reason Deckel only managed to update the information very late.
The print quality of this section varies from orange book edition to orange book edition.


Siemens 3M machines

The machines that were equipped with Siemens 3M controls obviously differ from the Dialog/Contour machines in many details. No information on the control itself is provided in the orange book. On the other hand the Siemens 3M control was also installed in many other machines by many other manufacturers. It appears that Siemens provided additional information through others means, but not through the machine documentation delivered with the machines.


Orange Book Part 1, electrical equipment list: Book Part 1.pdf


Orange Book Part 2, circuit diagrams for electrical installation: Book Part 2.pdf


Orange Book Part 3, Bosch amplifier data and diagrams: Book Part 3.pdf