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The Deckel Programming Station

It appears that Deckel had programming stations available very early on, as is witnessed by this picture:


This is the first version that was sold widely:

Above "Programm-Zentrale 1" was good for CNC 2101,2102, 2301, and Dialog 1, 2, 3. The unit shown could be purchased through the mediation of a friendly site reader. Thanks! It is in perfect and functional shape.

At this time PCs were very expensive. On the other hand it was not acceptable that programs had to be written and tested on the machine itself, as this would block the machine.

That is why Deckel came up with the "Programm-Zentrale 1", which is basically a truncated control in a housing. It can be connected to several machines and was also widely used as a training tool.

Since it carried a "1" in the name it must be assumed that there was also a "2", alas it has never been seen or heard of by the author.

Above: Learning with the Programming Station. Note the TV in the background hooked up to the teachers station so everyone can see. The TV could also be hooked up to the control via a dedicated BNC connector at the bottonm of the machine control or via the connector directly on the control electronics.



They tend to multiply: